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Hangers for Acoustic Suspended Ceilings

Hangers & Ceilings

Acoustic suspended ceilings are an excellent way of preventing airborne noise from below passing into the ceiling structure, or preventing noise/vibration from the floor above entering the room below.

The correct selection of the acoustic hanger is essential. Mason U.K. has a very large range available, to suit a variety of ceiling weights and noise / vibration isolation requirements. We can help you calculate the most effective solution for your project. So please, feel free to contact our friendly acoustic engineers by using the details on the blue bar to your left, or by clicking the 'Contact Us' tab above it

Acoustic Rubber / Spring Hangers

Below are our two main groups of acoustic hangers; LDS rubber hangers and spring hangers. They both have properties that make them suited to certain types of acoustic / vibration, noise control. Rubber is suited for higher frequencies and spring is best for lower frequencies of noise; such as impact vibration or vibrating plant. Scroll down and click to learn more.

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Spring Hangers

Mason U.K. has a large range of spring hangers available to suit a wide variety of loads and acoustic requirements. Spring hangers can be combined with elastomeric rubber elements to provide vibration isolation across a wide frequency range. Click below to learn more

L.D.S Rubber Hangers

Our acoustic, LDS rubber (prev neoprene) hangers may be used for suspending ceilings or mechanical plant. Used where the disturbing vibration frequency is high. Click below to view this range of products