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Wooden Floating Floors Mount

MFS Lightweight Floor Spring

It is often necessary to provide an wooden acoustic floating floor rather than the heavier concrete construction with wood topping. Cost or weight restrictions may be the factor.

We have had great success isolating exercise machines such as treadmills and free weights; aerobics floors and nightclub dance areas with Mason acoustic wooden flooring system.

Applications for Wooden Floating Floors

The unique spring design of our MFS spring mount offers large diameter, low profile for high lateral stiffness, stability and exceptional shock and impact isolation.

In some applications on stages or in rehearsal rooms the primary purpose is relief and comfort for the dancers. Landing on concrete or hard mounted wood surfaces is very damaging to a dancer's feet and legs.

If you would like to order or learn more about this product. Please contact Mason UK's acoustic engineers by using the details in the blue bar to the left or by clicking: the Contact tab.

The Data Sheet PDF's have technical information on dimensions, loads, installation and more. These can be found at the top of the grey bar to your right (along with installation photos).

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