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Acoustic Flooring Jack Up Mounts

Introduction to Floating Floors

Floating floors systems are used for many purposes, predominantly to prevent noise passing through the floor but also to isolate against vibration and impact.

Acoustic floating floors are used to control the transmission of noise or vibration between noisy and quiet environments. Typically, acoustically isolated walls and ceilings are built on the floating floor to create a 'box-in-box' construction. This solution greatly reduces the noise levels or energy transmitted to the quieter area.

Acoustic Floating Floors

There are several acoustic flooring systems available and the nature of the noise/vibration will dictate the best solution. Broadly speaking there are two main categories, concrete and lightweight.

Ľ Concrete floating floors comprise of a reinforced concrete layer, supported by isolators, either LDS rubber or spring. These floors typically use a jack-up system to raise the concrete floor as this offers a number of construction and acoustic benefits. Concrete floating floors are stable and, due to high mass, offer the best possible isolation performance.

Ľ Lightweight floor systems can be quick to build, do not impose a high mass on the existing structure and can be cost effective for small areas. Floor typically comprise of a number of board layers supported on either on LDS rubber floor isolators or low profile springs when impact is a concern. Care should be taken to ensure that the floor has adequate stiffness and mass to perform correctly but these floors can offer very good levels of isolation

Box in Box details
Well-designed rooms incorporate the full 'box in box' system. This comprises of the floating floor, isolated walls and suspended ceiling. All elements are supported or suspended using isolators to ensure no solid connection between the existing structure and the space interior. We can help with any aspect of the specification or design of these elements.

If you would like to order or learn more about our acoustic floating floor products please contact Mason UK's acoustic engineers by using the details in the blue bar at the top of the website or by clicking the Contact button in the drop down menu.

Main Product Groups:

Lightweight Acoustic Floor Systems

If the existing floor lacks sufficient strength, it is not desirable to pour concrete, or costs need to be controlled, a lightweight floating floor is often the best choice. Very high levels of noise and vibration isolation can be achieved with a correctly designed system.

Concrete Floating Floors

This is an introduction to Mason UK concrete acoustic floating floor systems. There are 3 main systems; LDS rubber FSN jack-up, FS spring jack-up & EAFM form work. These acoustic floating floor systems are used to acoustically isolate a room from its surroundings. Please click below to learn more

Spring Floating Floors PDF
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Rubber Floating Floors PDF
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