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Welcome to Mason UK Ltd

We are specialists in noise & vibration control products and systems. Exclusive agent for Mason Industries Inc. covering the UK, Ireland and many parts of Europe with an extensive range of products and systems for Architectural, M&E and Industrial applications.

Our qualified engineers can provide full design services for all our products and systems. As a company we supply and install acoustic floating floor systems, design and supply suspended acoustic ceiling hangers, wall isolation, HVAC isolation systems, isolation bearings for structures or whole building. Additionally bespoke and specialist noise and vibration control products can be provided.

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Noise Control Products

Acoustic products include a range of spring & rubber isolators, flexible pipe connectors, inertia bases, air springs, spring and rubber hangers for ceilings or plant, wall & building isolation

Acoustic Floating Floor Systems

We offer a range of acoustic floating floor systems including jack up LDS rubber and spring as well as lighter weight wooden floating floors. For more information on our floating floor systems please click below

Sound Masking

Mason UK Ltd now have a sister company; Soundmask UK. Our quality system is highly flexible and can be used for many applications from a small office to an entire office block.

Please take a look at our extensive website. Our services and applications pages will give you an idea of the typical areas in which we work and our products pages list the majority of the isolation systems we provide.

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information concerning your project and any questions you may have.

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