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Acoustic Products & Floating Floors Applications

There are many applications that Mason UK's acoustic isolation products & floating floor systems can be used for.

There is several varieties of our acoustic floating floor system and we have a range of vibration and noise control products. This means that our products are suitable for many applications where vibration control or isolation is an issue.

We list some of the main application groups below, this is by no means an exhaustive list but intended to give you an idea of the areas in which we typically work.

Scroll down and click on an application to see how Mason UK acoustical engineering solutions can help you to achieve your desired level of noise control.

Applications Suitable for our Acoustic Isolation

Libraries & Eductional Facilities

Educational facilities, such as schools, colleges & universities, often have a wide range of activities occurring in the same building. You may have a band practising in one room and students quietly studying in the next.

Similarly libraries are often community hubs where additional activit


A gym by its very nature is a place where people participate in noisy activities ľ running, jumping, shouting, ball sports and weight lifting etc are all part of typical gym usage; any construction must withstand this treatment whilst maintaining acoustic separation to prevent noise and structural v

Recording Studios

Whether your studio is for film, television, radio or music production; it is crucial that it is totally free from external noise. Any slight sound or disruption of the recording process can reduce the quality of, or even ruin, the end product.

Theatres & Venues

Theatres, cinemas, concert halls and music venues often have rooms and acoustically sensitive areas that require special attention to noise control. Click here to find out how we recommend this be done and which products may be of use.

Plant Rooms

Plant rooms can be located anywhere in a building with the possibility of causing disturbance to sensitive areas such as bedrooms, offices, boardrooms, operating theatres, or penthouse suites.

Science & Medical Rooms

We have several methods available for isolating sensitive medical and scientific equipment from external noise and vibrations. This can help to ensure the accuracy of measurements and experiments are free from outside acoustic influences. Often crucial in delicate operations or detailed studies.

Sports & Health Clubs

Sports and Health Clubs can be a challenging environment to isolate. A combination of impact and air-borne noise requires isolators to absorb low and high frequencies. The structure of the building also should be considered to ensure there is no risk of the isolators exacerbating certain vibration m


Cinemas typically require high levels of isolation to prevent noise leaking between screens and from/to public areas. It is very important to ensure the isolation is designed correctly to ensure the film experience is maintained.

Night Clubs & Pubs

Nightclubs and pubs are frequently the source of high noise levels requiring carefully considered acoustic treatment. If noise sensitive areas are nearby, Mason U.K. can help to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration.

Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys require special attention to isolation, especially when located on upper floors. The thud and rumble of the balls and the operation of the pin setters often requires the use of a low frequency floating floor system using springs.

Industrial Acoustic Isolation

Industrial machines often need acoustical & vibration isolation. Mason UK Ltd can provide this.