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Acoustic Isolation & Vibration Control Products

Mason UK Products

This is our products page. It contains a list of the main vibration control products, divided into categories, that are sold by Mason UK Ltd.

Click on a product group to get more information and see the various products associated with a product group.

Vibration Control & Acoustic Isolation Products

Stainless Steel Flexible Pipe Connectors

Stainless steel connectors are used where movement is required between two pipes or pieces of equipment. They are mainly required when pipes have to bridge building expansion joints or to allow for movement of mechanical equipment.

Stainless Steel Pipe Connectors Datasheet
Mason UK Ltd -  Stainless Steel Pipe Connectors Datasheet View Datasheet

Spring Mounts

Mason Industries has a complete range of acoustic spring mounts both open, enclosed and restrained. Typical spring mount applications are for low frequency (sub 8Hz) vibrations.

Spring Mounted Inertia Bases

Inertia bases, used in conjunction with a correctly selected isolation system, are the most effective way of reducing vibration from machinery.

Spring Hangers

Mason U.K. has a large range of spring hangers available to suit a wide variety of loads and acoustic requirements. Spring hangers can be combined with elastomeric rubber elements to provide vibration isolation across a wide frequency range. Click below to learn more

Rubber Mounts & Pads

Anti-vibration rubber mounts & pads, in neoprene or L.D.S rubber, are available to suit a wide range of applications. Mason U.K. can help select the most appropriate solution for your application. Click below to learn more.

Rubber Expansion Joints

There are many types of flexible pipe connectors and expansion joints produced by Mason Industries. This page gives a brief overview with links to more specific product details.

Information on flex development
Mason UK Ltd -  Information on flex development View Datasheet

Lightweight Acoustic Floor Systems

If the existing floor lacks sufficient strength, it is not desirable to pour concrete, or costs need to be controlled, a lightweight floating floor is often the best choice. Very high levels of noise and vibration isolation can be achieved with a correctly designed system.

L.D.S Rubber Hangers

Our acoustic, LDS rubber (prev neoprene) hangers may be used for suspending ceilings or mechanical plant. Used where the disturbing vibration frequency is high. Click below to view this range of products

Isolation Bearings

Building isolation bearing are used to isolate entire buildings or elements such as walls, steelwork or columns.

Mason UK Ltd -  View Datasheet

Isolated Walls

The walls of a space sensitive to noise or vibration transmission need to be isolated from the main building structure. The walls can be built on a floating floor or specially designed wall support plates. Click below to learn more.

Concrete Floating Floors

This is an introduction to Mason UK concrete acoustic floating floor systems. There are 3 main systems; LDS rubber FSN jack-up, FS spring jack-up & EAFM form work. These acoustic floating floor systems are used to acoustically isolate a room from its surroundings. Please click below to learn more

Spring Floating Floors PDF
Mason UK Ltd -  Spring Floating Floors PDF View Datasheet

Rubber Floating Floors PDF
Mason UK Ltd -  Rubber Floating Floors PDF View Datasheet

Air Springs

Air Springs provide very low natural frequency and are essentially resonance free. Mason Industries air springs are typically used for installations requiring a extremely high level of vibration control - such as science labs and medical facilities.

MT Twin Sphere Air Springs
Mason UK Ltd -  MT Twin Sphere Air Springs View Datasheet

SLR-MT Air Spring Mounts
Mason UK Ltd -  SLR-MT Air Spring Mounts View Datasheet

Acoustic Foams

We have a range of acoustic foams available to suit most applications. Closed cell foams are used as part of an airborne acoustic barrier or a structural vibration break and open cell foams are used for sound absorption.